Six Sided Sanctuary is a puzzle game where you attach panels with special properties to the sides of a cube. Depending on the orientation of the panels they can help you reach your goal. Fly, flop, and find your way through 25+ unique levels in three unique themes.
25 Levels
Original Soundtrack
Free DLC

You will need XNA 4



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Q If I'm a let's player/produce game footage on youtube can I record your game?
A YES! You can record our game, edit the footage, monetize your footage, do whatever you want with it, we LOVE let's players!

Q Does this game have any form of DRM?
A No! We don't believe in pushing struggles on to our consumers.

Q When will we get our free DLC? What will it be?
A Occasionally we will produce more levels with new mechanics, each DLC will be themed.

Q Can I create my own levels?
A The level editor is garbage, but we'll be make a new one soon!

Q Where can I contact you with questions?
A Email me at l.dpmann.l[at] OR tweet at me @poe__